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French Art Deco Bronze Elephant

(France c. 1920)


Width 6.25inch 15.87 cm
Height 14.50inch 36.83 cm
Depth 23.00inch 58.42 cm
Artists IRENEE ROCHARD (1906-1984)
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Description / Expertise

A fine French Art Deco patinated bronze model of a elephant, on a replacment oval polished marble base, attributed to Irenee Rochard.
ROCHARD was born in Villefranche sur Saône in 1906, In a family of artists: his mother was a painter. His brother became The actor-singer Armand MESTRAL. He chose the course of an artist's life too, and soon turned to animal sculpting in order to pay tribute to his love of wildlife. In 22 years, on leaving the Beaux-Arts School, he was the first prize-winner for a life-size panther bronze. Many other distinctions followed, his career. Between the two world wars, he frequently met with the circles of animal Sculpture artists, mainly with François POMPOM and Marcel Edouard SANDOZ
He expressed his talents through bronze,a few ceramics and carvings straight From wood,granite or marble. He constantly used to give a manner of intelligence to his animals,to bring out Their personality,their gentleness or their fierceness. Tirelessly,he created hundreds of animals in their daily attitudes with such a Delicacy that we are brought to think they stood still only for an instant, Just to be admired. Such was the case with his creation of horses,monkeys,gazelles,panthers Bear-cubs,ducks,bisons,pelicans,dromedaries,dogs,ect... His modern workmanship gives them the typical suppleness and gracefulness of their shapes. Well-served by outstanding gifts of observation and composition,ROCHARD Always kept developing his talent,ever looking out for creation and Pleased to realize it Inventive for days on,he died in Paris in 1984